Mind in West Cumbria - promoting good health and well being

Mind in West Cumbria exists to promote the good health and wellbeing of local people. We aim to be the service of first choice for the provision of support, mentoring and quality community based day services for the people experiencing mental ill health.

We aim to promote and protect good mental health for all and treat people fairly, positively and with respect. We also work in collaboration with others, to deliver holistic and bespoke services for adults across West Cumbria, with experience of mental distress and learning disabilities.

Mind in West Cumbria is committed to taking positive action to combat all direct and indirect discrimination against service users, volunteers, staff and trustees on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status, age, sexuality, economic or family circumstances.

In all our work our aim is to provide holistic services focussed on the person rather than their diagnosis and to offer a bespoke approach in tailoring provision to individual needs where possible.

The outcomes we seek are common to all we do; we aspire to encourage those accessing our projects and services to improve their physical health, emotional well-being and social engagement.

Mind in West Cumbria values the engagement of the people who use the service and places them at the centre of all our work by responding to their demonstrated needs through the design and delivery of the highest quality in provision of the services they most value and by ensuring that they are formally represented at all levels of the organisation.

Mind in West Cumbria believes that anyone should be supported, through campaigning, to access locally, the best medical and social support services.

We believe that we should be active in campaigning against the discrimination and stigma levelled at vulnerable people in their personal, social and working lives and should support local private, public and voluntary organisations in challenging stigma wherever it impacts on persons in their care.

Volunteering at Mind in West Cumbria


As a charitable organisation, we are committed to supporting volunteers in the work they do for us.

We have worked hard to raise the profile of volunteering to develop skills and abilities in our volunteers to promote personal development.

We actively encourage people to volunteer who have direct or indirect experience of mental distress or ill health, as we believe they can offer a unique perspective.

Services from Mind in West Cumbria


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